Jobs+ is a Minecraft mod created by DAQEM that adds 10 new jobs to the game, including Alchemist, Builder, Digger, Enchanter, Farmer, Fisherman, Hunter, Lumberjack, Miner and Smith. Each job has 100 levels that can be leveled up by performing tasks related to that job. The first 2 jobs can be obtained for free. If you want more than 2 jobs, you can buy them with job coins. Job coins can be obtained by leveling up your job. For every level, you'll get 1 job coin. An extra job will cost you 10 job coins.


The mod also includes unique power-ups and a superpower for each job. Every job has their own crafting recipes, power-ups and a special superpower. You will be able to craft certain custom items that fit the job. These crafting recipes will be unlocked as you level up your job. Every job will also have 3 power-ups. Those can be bought using job coins and will add some in-game benefits that fit the job. Last but not least, every job has a superpower. This superpower will be unlocked at level 100 and will have a massive in-game benefit that fits the job.

In Game Menu

You can access the Jobs+ menu in-game by pressing 'J'.